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Jason Hawes - Founder
Jason Hawes
Grant Wilson - Co-Founder
Grant Wilson
Steve Gonsalves - Lead Investigator
Steve Gonsalves
Lead Investigator
Dave Tango - Tech Manager
Dave Tango
Tech Manager
Samantha Hawes - Investigator
Samantha Hawes
 K.J. McCormick - Investigator
K.J. McCormick
  Traci Boiselle - Investigator
Traci Boiselle
Team Lead RI
Leslie Shapiro- Investigator Cali
Leslie Shapiro
Investigator Cali
Joe Chin - Investigator
Joe Chin
 John Barrows - Investigator RI
John Barrows
Investigator RI
 Joshua Bender - Investigator/West Coast Case Manager
Joshua Bender
West Coast Case Manager
 Tom Carroll - Investigator
Tom Carroll
Don Hicks - Investigator Cali
Don Hicks
Investigator Cali
Rob Jones - Investigator Cali
Rob Jones
Investigator Cali
Ray Fiorini - Investigator RI
Ray Fiorini
Investigator RI
Holly Griffith - Investigator Cali
Holly Griffith
Investigator Cali
Jess Hardman - Investigator RI
Jess Hardman
Investigator RI
Tim Mitchell - Investigator Cali
Tim Mitchell
Investigator Cali
Demetria Walter - Investigator RI  
Demetria Walter 
Investigator RI
Lisa Slayter - Investigator Cali
Lisa Slayter
Investigator Cali
Bill Lonero - EVP Specialist
Bill Lonero
EVP Specialist
Chris Turner - Investigator Cali
Chris Turner 
Investigator Cali
Geoff McGarrigle - Investigator RI
Geoff McGarrigle
Investigator RI
Raven Quinn - Investigator Cali
Raven Quinn
Investigator Cali
Rob Moccio - Investigator RI
Rob Moccio
Investigator RI
Jerry Buteyn - Investigator Cali
Jerry Buteyn
Investigator Cali
Brian Stephenson - Investigator RI
Brian Stephenson
Investigator RI
Steve Mills Investigator RI  
Steve Mills
Investigator RI 
Christine Downes - Investigator RI  
Christine Downes
Investigator RI 
Wellington Chin - Investigator RI  
Wellington Chin
Investigator RI

TAPS Family Management

Kristen perkins- TAPS Family Manager
Kristen Perkins
TAPS Family Manager
Adam Cannon - Web Manager
Adam Cannon
Web Manager

Marie Cuff- TAPS Family Co-Manager/Liaison West
Marie Cuff
TAPS Family Co-Manager/Liaison West

Peter Renn- TAPS Family Recruitment Director
Peter Renn
TAPS Family Recruitment Director
Sherrie Curry- TAPS Family Recruitment USA
Sherrie Curry
TAPS Family Recruitment
Lucia Moiné- TAPS Family Recruitment (<em>International</em>)
Lucia Moiné
TAPS Family Recruitment
Jason Steelman - Web Manager
Jason Steelman
Web Manager
Jason Porter- TAPS Family Liaison South
Jason Porter
TAPS Family Liaison
Adrian Scalf- TAPS Family Liaison Central
Adrian Scalf
TAPS Family Liaison

Dave Gibb- TAPS Family Liaison (<em>International</em>)
Dave Gibb
TAPS Family Liaison
Angela Artuso- North East Liaison/TFM Administrative Assistant
Angela Artuso
North East Liaison/TFM Administrative Assistant


Independant Researchers

Barry Fitzgerald- Independant Researcher
Barry Fitzgerald
Independant Researcher

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